Dublin Herbalists’ Claire Brett interview with Image on sustainability, skincare and her all-female team

Dublin Herbalists’ founder Claire Brett in an insightful interview with Sarah Finnan on the Image website: “Most of us are working mums’: Dublin Herbalists’ Claire Brett talks sustainability, skincare and her all-female team.”

“Starting out from humble beginnings at her kitchen table, Claire Brett has seen her brand grow from start-up to thriving business in just a matter of years – but it took plenty of hard graft to get to where she is. The woman behind natural skincare project Dublin Herbalists, Claire understands that everyone’s skin is a little bit different… which is exactly why she launched her business in the first place: to help people tailor their routines to suit their busy schedules.

A stickler for the details, sustainability remains at the core of what she does and everything from the packaging to her 100% cruelty-free ethos has helped to set her and her brand apart from competitors.

Here, Claire tells us about her business and where her passion for natural remedies stemmed from.

Tell us about you and your business.

I grew up in rural Kildare. We had a huge garden and were surrounded by farmland. My father was a geologist and a landscape gardening enthusiast, so our gardens were packed full of wonders and he taught me all about plants. I went on to study herbal medicine and naturopathy and this led me to establishing Dublin Herbalists, a natural skincare company with a reputation for using exciting, lesser-known, plant-based ingredients.

Were you always interested in skincare/beauty?

Not really, no. I was interested initially in herbs and natural remedies and this interest led to herbal applications for the skin, which then led to me experimenting with making skincare. Once I started, I was hooked! That’s when my interest really exploded. It was a gradual progression.

All your products are 100% natural and are never tested on animals, how important was this to you when building your business?

Very important! We absorb everything we apply onto our skin, so it was – and still is – very important that the ingredients I use are natural and that nothing is ever tested on animals.

Dublin Herbalists went from kitchen table start-up to thriving business… what challenges did you face starting out?

We’ve faced many challenges along the way! From branding and packaging design to sourcing ingredients and jars, accessing markets and, of course, marketing and brand awareness – it’s all been part of the learning curve.”

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