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We understand that everyone’s
skin is a little bit different.

With that in mind, we’ve tailored our skincare range to suit
a variety of skin types in a modern, busy world.

Our creams and oils are made up of carefully chosen floral waters,
natural butters, and active ingredients to intensely hydrate,
deeply nourish and brighten up tired and weary skin.

Everything we put in our products is natural,
and never, ever tested on animals. That means no parabens,
sodium lauryl sulfate or other hidden ingredients.

Conscientious in every final detail, our packaging is designed
to preserve the integrity of our ingredients. Kind to the environment,
it is made from materials that are recyclable.

Meet the


Dublin Herbalists was founded in 2012 by Claire Brett, Dip. Herb., ND. Indulging a new hobby, Herbalist and Naturopath Claire began developing recipes for a simple moisturiser made from entirely natural ingredients in her home kitchen. Her homemade cream proved so popular with family and friends that she launched Dublin Herbalists in 2013. Initially selling online and with the products being stocked in the first shop in January 2014, Dublin Herbalists’ ethos and product range has since enjoyed a dedicated and ever-increasing fanbase in Ireland and abroad.

Each Dublin Herbalists product has been proudly created from Claire’s own recipes. Claire’s background and education combined with her deep understanding of the medicinal and therapeutic virtues of plants has enabled Dublin Herbalists to merge the expertise of the large skin care corporation with the personalised care and authenticity of the small business. Claire’s scientific knowledge also allows her to forge new paths and tap into the power of unusual or lesser-known ingredients in her natural skin care range.

“Looking back, I can see how my childhood had such a strong influence on the Dublin Herbalists of today. Growing up in rural Kildare, we had a huge garden and were surrounded by farmland. My father was a Geologist and a landscape gardening enthusiast, so our gardens were packed full of wonders and he taught me all about plants. We spent most of our time outside. I learned about orchards, herbs, vegetable and strawberry patches, raspberry vines, chestnut trees, bushes and hedges and flowers, and nature became “second nature” to me.

We also didn’t go to the doctor unless we were really sick. We ate really healthily and had little access to sugary foods or drinks, and my mother gave us cod liver oil and herbal iron to keep us strong. Whether she was aware of it or not at the time, her approach to life has always been very naturopathic. It’s really clear to me now how my passion for natural skin care products that are friendly to plants and animals was inspired.”

Quality is to the fore of Dublin Herbalists’ product development process, with all our natural skin care products undergoing the relevant safety and preservative efficacy tests. Using only the safest of natural ingredients and the correct ingredient levels, each product formulation is approved by third-party Safety Assessors. Complying with all legal requirements, our natural beauty products are in line with European Law as well as Cosmetic Products Notification Panel (CPNP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Today, Dublin Herbalists’ collection includes over thirty skin care products for the face, body and baby. Honoring carefully selected and sourced natural ingredients, sustainability and traceability in our products and packaging are of the utmost importance to us. Progressive in our unique, tried-and-tested approach to natural cosmetics, we are passionate about a range that adapts to reflect modern skin care needs. Continually developing valued new relationships with our customers and stockists, the Dublin Herbalists team is excited to share an accessible collection of the best natural skin care products locally and globally.

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