Your Essential Guide to Self-Care Rituals

In 2021, self-care has never been so important. We have created the ultimate guide to help you begin your self-care practice.

What is self-care? It has become a buzz word in recent years. Author of The Self Care Project, Jayne Hardy says “Self-care isn’t a new term, teaching or concept, but now, more than ever, we’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. Self-care is a nod to that and gives us the permission, that we so often don’t give to ourselves, that taking care of our needs is okay. In fact, it’s more than okay, it’s complete and utter common sense.”

But what does self-care look like to us? Self-care is the action you take to address your own experience. This can be physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual. You are able to address your own experience by asking yourself “what is on the opposite end of this difficult situation that I am experiencing? What would bring me back to a sense of wholeness and peace?” Exercising this muscle to become more intuitive with yourself will bring you into alignment with who you truly are. In this article, we aim to give you some useful tips on maintaining your self by trying out these self-care rituals.


Like many people, you may find sitting on a pillow and meditating quite a daunting task. Practicing rituals that focus your attention on the act itself will allow you to be present in the moment and bring you into your body. This practice is like a muscle. The more you exercise, the easier it will become to focus on the present moment. This practice allows us to notice what is happening inside ourselves: both physically and emotionally.

Physical Self-Care

Physical self-care involves everything from movement to rest, to sleep and your overall health. There is a profound connection between your mind and your body. Incorporating movement into our everyday lives has astounding benefits. Studies have shown that exercising for thirty minutes per day can reduce anxiety and depression. The next time your loved one calls you for a chat, why not take them on a walk around your local area? By habit stacking walking with your usual phone conversation, you get a two-for-one for your wellbeing!


Although the past year has brought some challenges to sports clubs and gyms – there are so many wonderful alternatives that we can try. There are thousands of yogi influencers to subscribe to, but our favourite has to be Yoga with Adriene. Her relaxed, approachable manner. If you want to deep dive into the yogi world, why not try one of Adriene’s amazing 30-day challenges?

Face Masks

Using face masks can be very grounding and provide a sense of healing. No matter how busy life gets, putting on a face mask always makes one slow down and appreciate the ritual of caring for one’s skin. By taking this time for yourself, you allow yourself to be present in the moment and just feel the sensations in your body. Our incredible Intensive Gel Face Mask contains Lavender Oil which can reduce inflammation and promote healing in the skin. If done consistently, this meditative ritual will have lasting benefits for both your internal mind and external skin.


By taking a forty-minute bath, you are spending time with physical awareness. To add to the sensual experience, using tactile products such as body scrubs on the skin increases our presence practice. It allows you time to note the feeling of little grains moving across your legs and massaging your hands – what does that feel like? These are all practices that help one become more aware. It enables you to put distance between your experiences and allows you to simply be in your body which is generally a calmer place compared to being in your head.

Why not try one of our Irish Bath Bombs?

Create an atmosphere in your tub: transform your bathroom into a spa with a fizzing bath bomb. Bath bombs add emollients to your bath water, which soften and moisturise the skin. Our indulgent bath bombs are an essential salve for tired bodies. We have combined Epsom salts with essential oils such as Lavender, Sweet Orange and Rose to bring you the perfect soak after a long day.

Essential Oils

Essential oils have powerful healing, purifying and calming abilities. Some of our favourite calming essential oils include Sweet Orange, Lemongrass and Bergamot. We have studied these ancient essential oils and added only the best to our skincare products. Add a few drops of your preferred essential oil into a diffuser or oil burner to create a pleasantly fragrant space.

Cleanse your Social media

This simple yet effective task can significantly increase your wellbeing. With more and more of us scrolling for over two hours per day, the images and videos we absorb can have a detrimental effect on our mental state. Assess who you are following on social media: are they bringing joy to your life? If the answer is no, it’s time to do a social media clear out. Freeing your feed from negative accounts will help you to bring a sense of calm to your daily life. By making a social media cleanse part of your self-care ritual, you will ensure that you are only absorbing positive and inspiring content online.

Make your own potpourri

Bring a sense of tranquility to your space by adding some sweet scents to your surroundings. In this instructional video, Rachel Talbot shows us different methods we can use to create aromatic potpourri and room sprays using essential oils. Be prepared for a divine smelling dwelling!

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